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Common Name,Uncommon Service

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About Bob’s Janitorial Service

We all like a good story. A solid history. I can provide some of both but only to a point. The rest will have to be learned, eventually. What I can tell you – in 1975 Bob Brown began Bob’s Janitorial Service. 

What I’ve been told was Bob Brown was a school teacher who needed to make ends meet and learned a new trade during the summers when school wasn’t in session. I’ve heard that he worked around construction sites, initially for free, cleaning up after the workers. He discovered a niché and garnered more customers, ones who would pay him. Eventually, this would lead to additional work and down the road, he would leave teaching in order to run his now full-time job.

Bob would develop a reputation for the quality of service, his work ethic, his dependability. When other services, such as floor care (stripping & waxing) or carpet cleaning, we’re introduced, I couldn’t tell you. Bob is still around but not in this area.

What Our Customers Say

"Fyi we just had all the carpets and one sofa cleaned in preparation for selling our house. Paul did all the work and did a great job! He also cleaned the vents for my mother in law and she’s super satisfied."
Brian B.
"Tara J just called and is super pleased with the job Jordan did on her carpets this morning. She has a great attitude and her carpets look amazing. She absolutely had to call and let us know."
Tara J
"She gave the floor rating a 5, which for our system is Excellent. She also went on to tell me she has already had customers come in today, and rave about how good the floors look. One person in particular asked 'Who did you floors? I want them to come do mine!'"
"The Store Manager told her how great the service was last night, and the team that was onsite was wonderful. I hear things were moved and taken care of that employees had missed."
Dollar General Manager
Paola, Kansas

What makes Bob’s Uncommon?

It's the people!

Our staff loves what they do. A third of the 95+ employees have worked here for more than 10 years!

Family Owned & Operated

Founded by a local school teacher in 1975.

Hundreds of Customers

Currently, Bob’s Janitorial serves hundreds of residential customers and over 150 commercial businesses.

Best of Topeka!

Voted Best of Topeka for 9 Years Straight!

Attention to Detail

Founded on a caring nature and attention to detail.

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